Only a nobody walks in LA
Fuck it…

I’m taking a total tumblr hiatus. I’m deleting the app from my phone and everything. I’ll be back on eventually….

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Because tumblr makes me do stupid things, and I’m sorry. I know I’m an insane bitch. Not that it justifies anything but I’m going thru a lot in my head right now, I’m really fucking depressed and always toeing the line of “to relapse or not to”. So I’m sorry if I’m snappy or possessive. I feel like everything is crashing around me. Even the one thing that always gave me happiness. So I’m sorry. I really am.

Other blog is glitterxglamxgoldustxgoldlust

If you care… Very little wrestling except the Rhodes. Ask and anon is on…

But yeah. Bye.

Yeah, I’m just gonna stay off here for a while. I feel like I got beat up.

Really upset. So whateves. I’ll get over it.


That’s it. I give up. I’m just gonna stay on my sleaze metal blog and not worry about wrestlers.

My blog is obviously shit. And I obviously lost my crown as the Sting girl. :’(

I’m just gonna cry my eyes out, and not eat now.

See y’all on the flip side.

Sorry this blog was a disappointment.

Favorite Wrestlers: 4/∞

Is not fun.
It is believing you were never sick
And waking up nauseous
Oh God I’m hungry,
But I can’t feel my hip bones
I shouldn’t eat today.
I’m hungry and not fat not fat not fat
Eat healthy eat healthy eat healthy.
Fruits vegetables salad youcaneatbreaditwontkillyou.
Recovery is not being able to count your calories because THOSE
You are beautiful and worthy and justbecauseyoudonthaveathighgap
Does NOT change that
But you have to breathe and tell yourself that every ten seconds
Anyway. Recovery is
I-love-ice-cream and eating the cone, too
And almost running to the bathroom afterwords but you’ve gotta breathe, breathe,
Breathe, you’re okay
You will be okay.
Recovery is being able to sit at the table without
Your legs shaking like a Californian earthquake and you don’t have to exercise til you pass out because ireallyreallyatetoomuch cause you didn’t.
Recovery is breath and smiles but don’t get me wrong, a constant twitch
Of sadness but you will get through
Recovery is baking cookies and not being afraid that you’ll eat the whole batch
But even if you do
It’s okay now, you’ve learned
To breathe.
Recovery is hurting sometimes but realizing that you
Are not the enemy
To be taken out on
Recovery is not fun
But you have discovered now that you truly are
A little feeling on recovery (via a-cherished-memory)

But seriously it pisses me off so much when your trying to talk to someone, then someone rudely interrupts to talk to the person you were talking to- about something that isn’t an emergency.



Jeff is NOT amused 


And for US $849.99 this Partridge Family Record Cabinet could be yours…Bargain! ;)


And for US $849.99 this Partridge Family Record Cabinet could be yours…Bargain! ;)

I’ve been feeling really down lately, and I just got this urge to do my makeup. I decided that I wanted to take a page from one of my favorite female vocalists book and do sort of a cosplay.

So I present to you: Bandit dresses up like Missing Person’s Dale Bozzio (and fails. Oh how Bandit fails.)

I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure.
Unknown (via perfect)


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at any point is someone gonna tell dean that this is a documentary not a photoshoot


Possible the greatest interview ever, haha Ace is a Legend!! So drunk!!


Possible the greatest interview ever, haha Ace is a Legend!! So drunk!!